“ Generationdb.com is my long cherished dream for closely knitted family relations.

My Dream for every child on earth to live with his/her parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, grand parents, cousins ……..

My Dream for every child in the world to know, to see, and to realize his/her BIG family.

A dream for a better society where every individual is recognized

A dream for a peaceful and happy life for everyone on earth

A dream where every individual have love and compassion for fellow beings ……..

A dream for the preservation of invaluble human virtues and values, culture and traditions and much more…….

This is possible only if human values are PRACTISED AT HOME – a home where father, mother, son, daughter – brothers, sisters, grand father, grand mother, uncles and aunties exist. www.Generationdb.com is such a place where everyone who registers can have their BIG family with their relatives any time, anywhere in the world”.

Today it is hard – as nuclear families are on the rise, where children in their childhood are left alone without a brother or sister to share, leave alone the possibility of mingling, sharing and living together with cousins….. elders like grand father and grand mother, uncles and aunties. It is hard to explain to the younger generation about family members and their relations, family culture and traditions because the members are spread across the world, very often without any contact.

Father, mother and children may exist in a family without any grand father, grand mother, aunties and uncles – children very often do not know who they are!!! All that the children know about their family is what they see and hear from their father or mother very often that too rarely because every family member has his/her own busy schedule and programs. We live a life sans family values, sans culture sans traditions!! Result …….???

‘ Life is so boring’ ……. ‘I feel lonely’ ….. ‘No one loves me’ ….


Antisocial elements! DRUG ADDICTS!! Extreemists!!!

Family is the basic unit and the foundation of a society nourishing human values like:

Care and concern


Filial responsibility

Mutual respect
Social responsibility

And much more that are learned and practiced.

Family gives a sense of belonging. Strong family bonds will create a sense of identity for every individual which in turn increase the responsibility of the individual and sense of belonging to the society. In simple terms, we could develop responsible citizens by providing every individual the right family atmosphere.

Generationdb.com brings family members together to one meeting place.

Generationdb.com.com is a unique system that will link individuals to their kith and kin together based on certain criteria, which helps everyone registered on the site to understand even the farthest relations. Click on any profile from the home page and click on the family tree to see how individuals are linked.

Generationdb.com will link the members of a family on a family tree.

Father – mother – member – spouse – children – siblings make a family tree. Navigating from one family tree to another linked through spouse or siblings or any registered member of the family tree shows clearly who and what is the relationship between members and families.

Generationdb.com is a database website that stores your personal information and links you with your family members registered in the site, wherever they be. A unique feature of the site is the ability to store information about the generations of the family. The registered people can be informed about their family tree; about their parents, their grandparents, great grandparents, their occupation, place of stay, etc. By knowing about these things one can easily trace out their ancestry. Using this site, users across the globe can enter information about themselves, their spouse, children, parents, siblings and other relatives. Users can also upload photographs and share them with other users.

Users have the option to create communities, photo albums of family events, upload and share video of events like marriage, create diaries both private and public by which grand parents can share their experience with family members and the whole world.

The objective in creating such a website is to enable the users to keep in contact with his family – near and far, keep the new generation informed of the previous generations of the family, to communicate about his family to known people and to interact with other distant family members who register on this site. At times it has so happens that even a close relative stays in the same city, unknown to each other. The site is also meant to be used for similar community people to exchange ideas and share thoughts.

Generationdb.com is designed in such a way that when you register your name, your wife’s and children’s names also can be included. Your house name, the name of your brothers and sisters are available on the site. It gives us an information about the brothers and sisters who got married, the name and surname of the brothers in law and sisters in law. A person who registers will be able to trace out his family tree and verify or find out the relationship she/he has with other families even if they live far away, through internet. Occasions like birth and death can be notified through the site. One can find out the birth day, marriage anniversary or any such occasion of importance in the family of the registered people. He can find out the name of the father, his name and surname, the place of his stay, his occupation etc. Registrants can find out their relationship with other registrants and can contact them through the internet, thereby creating the stronger bond of relatives and a stronger community who we can rely upon, and seek support from, in time of need. At times it so happens that people living in the same city, having the same family name even may not know each other though they are related. In today’s world of loneliness and selfishness, being united is the only way to alleviate the pangs of alienation and lack of social identity.

It gives us a feeling of belonging to our traditions, customs, culture and community. It will also enhance a confidence in us. We will realize that we are not alone in this world which is full of thorns and miseries. A social responsibility is forced upon you. Even though it is necessary, we will deliberately abstain from criminal tendencies and anything that is shameful.

Generationdb.com is a web site that every human being can proudly own and be a part of. It will enable us to be united by creating a platform conducive for it. It will disperse all the thorny fears of being lonely and deserted.

Registration and Benefits on Generationdb.com

Its operation is like this: you register your name add your relations like parents, partner/s, children and siblings. You can include your father, mother, brothers and sisters.

Please take a look at the site to understand more about www.generationdb.com

Generationdb.com stores your personal and family information for generations in our secured server. Your generations will have access to it with authentication.

Generationdb.com creates your family tree which gives a pleasant look with all your beloved ones on one tree like image structure with photos on it.

You can navigate from your family tree to other family trees on it. Your family tree is linked with every one of other registered member of your family tree which helps your younger generations to understand relationships.

  • Generationdb.com leads you to your roots; it brings a feeling of pride.

  • Generationdb.com is a communication platform that brings family members together and thus strengthen the family bonds.

  • Generationdb.com is a place of meeting for family members wherever they are, on the globe.

  • Generationdb.com provides album for every registrant where the photos of family events can be stored for generations and shared.

  • Generationdb.com allows you to upload and share videos of your family events.

  • Generationdb.com allows you to create your personal/private and public diary which you can access from anywhere in the world

  • Generationdb.com will remind birthdays and anniversaries of the whole family.

  • Generationdb.com can help you to find missing people. You can post details of lost/missing family members and we help you to find them by publishing.

  • Generationdb.com helps you to publicize demise of your family member or friend and send a condolence message.

  • You can post rememberance/obituary of your beloved once.

  • Generationdb.com creates for you an email id and an email account.

  • You are able to make groups (community) of your own…may be school mates, playgroups, club members, prayer groups, parish members, big joint family members etc.

It is not possible to describe all the benefits that generationdb.com can bring to you, your family and our society.

We respect the privacy of personal information. All or partial information you provide on the site can be kept hidden (login after registration and make it private). Information you exchange between your computer and our server are encrypted for protection. Please read our Privacy Policy